Chromacore in Slabtown, Portland is the only wellness studio that offers Lagree 2.0 | EVO-2, the latest high-tech mind-body fitness program that you want to be a part of. The EVO-2 reshapes your body, while Chromacore’s Chromotherapy (color therapy), signals your brain to focus and enjoy this full-body workout.

The Lagree EVO-2 levels up your workout by offering you an all-encompassing holistic wellness program that refreshes your mind and reshapes your body without having to attend any other fitness or meditation classes.

Chromotherapy has always been somewhat of a mystical therapeutic program. But now, with the Chromacore Studio launching this revolutionary fitness program on January 14th, its benefits will be accessible to anyone that is looking for the ultimate head-to-toe workout. Three times per week, in just 45 minutes you will achieve a healthy fit body.

For more information and to schedule your session, contact Chromacore’s Flagship Studio in Slabtown 2055 NW Savvier Street, Portland, OR, 97209. Email: