Powered By A 2000-Year-Old Korean Beauty Trinity Of Rice Water,  Mugwort And Ginseng

The Beauty Trinity in the BFE Complex
Rice water is rich in vitamins and minerals and was traditionally used in Asia for face cleansing. It was believed to improve the complexion, firm the skin and slow down its aging process. Mugwort is a purifying herb used extensively in traditional oriental medicine and is known to improve skin hydration and rectify skin blemishes. Ginseng – the revered king of herbs – is a treasured anti-aging ingredient that is acclaimed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

An initial study with 30 volunteers over 56 days saw improvements in skin hydration by 29%, skin elasticity by 7.5% and skin smoothness by 12%.

Transforming The Ordinary Into Extraordinary
“First Light The Essence is a testament to how common food ingredients can have a profound effect on the skin. A skin conditioner (or toner) is the first leave-on product to touch the skin so you’ll want that to be pure, clean and comfortable to use,” explains Ceramiracle Founder Eugene He.

He added “Patting a few drops over clean skin will prep and condition it, providing the first step to achieving that baby soft skin which is our benchmark of healthy skin”.

First Light The Essence is a clean label skin conditioner containing over 92% BFE Complex and just a few drops will instantly calm and revitalize skin with a refreshing new radiance. The beauty trinity in the BFE Complex works synergistically to form a skin smoothing moisture reservoir to deeply hydrate and immediately soften the skin, facilitating the revival of its baby soft status.

First Light The Essence is vegan, cruelty-free and is free of traditional preservatives, color and fragrance.

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