Created by millennial fashion designer and activist Emily Bell, EVB donates 20 percent of its proceeds from every purchase towards a charity of the consumer’s choice.

When it comes to deciding whether to buy clothing, accessories or shoes, there’s plenty to consider – such as style, color, quality, and price. Yet, there is one aspect that most consumers rarely factor into their buying decisions – the working conditions of those people who are producing the clothing.

Many of today’s largest fashion brands outsource their manufacturing to countries where factory workers are effectively treated as slave labor, subject to physical and sexual abuse, and unsafe and unsanitary working conditions.

In order to provide consumers with an alternative to supporting companies that place corporate greed above basic human rights for all and the environment – Boston-based fashion designer, activist, and entrepreneur Emily Bell – decided to launch, a luxury American-made fashion brand. All of the EMILY VS BEAR pieces are made with a focus on sustainable practices.

“EMILY VS BEAR is intended to inspire all of us to do better for our communities, society, and the environment,” says Bell. “For instance, we know that many of our clothes are made by slave labor in horrendous working conditions, yet we continue to live in this manner because change is hard and we don’t know how to do it. To help change our thinking and buying habits, EMILY VS BEAR strives to raise awareness on today’s most critical social, economic, and political issues.’”

All styles are unisex, available in five sizes (XS, X, M, L, XL), and retail for $35.00 on

Created by designer and visionary Emily Bell in 2012, EMILY VS BEAR is a luxury sustainable fashion brand made in the United States. She started the brand as a way to raise awareness for some of today’s most important social, political, and economic issues.


Bell currently lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts and enjoys cooking, gardening, DIY projects, designing, and sewing.


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