These are some accounts I just love to stalk … eerrrrrrr … uuuuummmmmm … I mean, browse through when I’m bored (lies, I stalk them).  Seriously though I like these accounts for different reasons and I hope you do too.

DROOL. I love, adore, dig, enjoy, admire, did I mention love? I do. I love her clean and bright photos. Look at her account and you’ll see what I mean and the best part is that Nesha barely ever shows her face. She hides behind her hair and I’M NOT MAD AT IT. In a world full of “LOOK AT ME!” Instagram accounts hers is focused on her beautiful children, bits and pieces of her life, and sneaky-sometime-peaks (I just made that up) of herself.

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I’m not sure how I came across her account, but I was attracted to the mood her page gives off. I feel like she’s always drinking a REALLY GOOD cup of coffee ( I read this post and now feel like I need a coffee station with a bunch of new coffee equipment) and everything in her house is Joanna Gaines type rustic, ya know? Also, I’m here for whatever filter she uses. HERE FOR IT. It sets her page apart from the rest.

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Creative and fun are the two words that come to mind when I stalk (damn, did it again) I mean … when I browse through her account. Fashion, travel, culture and her BABES are truly Brooklyn mom goals.

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I’m not going to lie. If I could wear my hair straight all the time, I’d TOTALLY cut baby bangs. Totally. I started following her because of her hair. She’s strikingly beautiful and her babes are so adorable!

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