March is Women’s History Month and the theme that was chosen this year is “Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business”. Perfect. For this roundup, I’m going to give you some InstaMAMAs who work hard! I will TRY to give you different themes, but let’s be honest, if you know me you know that I may not follow through with it all the time. You’ll get random posts too but, not today. Today is for women who have successful businesses and still find time to hold down the family.

Elisabeth Akinwale
Dudes. Have you seen her? I was just sitting on the couch eating cookies the other night thinking “I’d love to do a Crossfit class.” Crossfit seems to be where it’s at anymore. Strength, endurance and cardiovascular all rolled into one. So not only is she a Crossfit champ … she’s a MAMA! Training, seminars, blogging, teaching, traveling and the list goes on. I got tired just READING about all of the stuff she does! She definitely is making history.

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Kelly Wearstler
Funky fresh. In my head, Kelly is my girl. Artsy, creative and fun with good taste in sneakers. I’m not sure about the sneaker part, but like I said, this is in my head. Her interior design style is soulful and I want ALL OF IT. Wait, back to the sneakers part … she DID design a shoe for Vans, so, yeah, I’m probably right about the sneakers part.

Joy Cho
I don’t know why but I’m always amazed at women who can start a little blog then snowball it into a huge business. That’s what Joy did. Her O Joy product line sells at Target AND in 2016 she designed the Easter Eggs for the white house AND she’s a second-degree black belt. Say whaaaaaaaaaat?! Stop it. Amazing business woman. Makes me want to start a blog. Kinda.

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Syreeta Scott
Ok, so this is personal. I’ve known Syreeta for almost 20 years. She was the person who convinced me to cut the relaxer out of my hair and go natural. She lived with her mom in West Philly at the time, and I would go over to her house and she would braid my hair for hours. A few times she asked if she could take a break and catch a 20-minute cat nap. Syreeta would work nearly 24 hours a day out of her mom’s house doing hair. She had a vision and I’m SO HAPPY to have been there from the start and to see where she is now. She. Is. An. Inspiration. She is the owner of Duafe Holistic Hair Care and has recently opened her latest venture, The Sable Collective … this beautiful InstaMAMA of two is making history in the city of brotherly love.

Clare Vivier
Hey moms, you know when something is really inconvenient and you say to yourself (or most likely your girl) “This is so stupid, someone should invent something to make this easier” then you go about your day or your girl responds “OMG you should invent that! I would buy it!” and you laugh … then go about your day? Well Clare didn’t go about her day. She wanted a fashionable bag to put her laptop in and that was that. She launched an entire line of bags: Clare V. Looking at her site and reading about her success makes me what to reconsider the list of good ideas I’ve had for the last year.

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