We’ve all had rocky times in our relationships with one or more of our utility and service providers in our life. After a decade, I left Sprint mobile for Verizon mobile and have recently left Verizon Internet for Comcast XFINITY Internet. As far as my cable? It’s been Comcast, has always been Comcast, through the good, the bad and recently the ugly for most of my life during the era of cable. Other than Netflix and Hulu, I have just never been keen on any other television provider, their equipment (a dish on my house, um no thank you) or their interface and user experience (I’ve thrown a friend’s Verizon TV remote across the room before).

So here we are, Comcast and I still in this relationship, and I have an opportunity to have that long awaited heart-to-heart chat directly with the Comcast XFINITY® team while getting to catch up with some of my favorite local lady influencers at the #XFINITYMoms event in Lawrenceville, NJ. Now that I’ve addressed the elephant in the room, let me tell you about all the fun stuff and changes with XFINITY’s customer experience that I’ve quietly noticed for months before I was even invited to this event:

  • X1 w/voice knows me intimately  – Can you say my new virtual BFF/TV concierge? Besides my daily verbal commands on the new X1 system (i.e. “what’s the weather?”, “watch Scandal”, “what’s the score of the Golden State game?”), every 28 days you may catch me on the couch, eating caramel chocolate coffee ice cream and mumbling “romantic comedy” into my X1 remote. If I’m really down in the dumps, I just mumble “Idris Elba” and watch as the X1 serves up any and every movie or program with my favorite leading man. (XFINITY Habla español también.)
  • XFINITY is great for parents of kids away in college – My son could watch the Eagles (#FlyEaglesFly), NFL Redzone and his favorite shows online with the many programming access points XFINITY offers. The X1 DVR even comes with cloud-based technology so you can watch your recordings anywhere – even without the internet. I asked my son about his experience and it’s safe to say, he’s a believer:Stylemom son text

His final quote:  “I love having access to XFINITY while away at college because I can watch all my favorite shows (#GoT), movies, and sports. I can always watch, whenever I want to. The XFINITY hotspots around the city are great for saving data and I use them every chance I get. I regularly use the XFINITY TV app as well as login to HBO go and ESPN apps with our XFINITY account.”

  • There’s an app for everything – Want to track the top fantasy football contenders? There’s an app for that. Remote control batteries run out? There’s an app for that too. The native system apps along with the many mobile apps are great for people who want their entire experience at their fingertips. (P.S. all XFINITY apps are continuously in the process of creating better features, consolidating platforms and seriously upping the game on the total customer experience.)

That’s just the tip of the iceberg and on how XFINITY has stepped up their game in helping customers streamline their lives. Couple the X1 experience with XFINITY Home, WiFi, and Phone and you’re basically customizing your own connected home that you can manage from anywhere. Some of the cool features:

  • Tony Stark-ify your house – Access live video monitoring, check on your pets during your lunch break, turn your AC up so your house is cool when you get home or even turn the crockpot off if you’re running late. The XFINITY Home security and management features along with the accompanying mobile app give you superhero control at your fingertips.Xfinity Home DemoXfinity Home Outlet
  • Mom 2.0 – You can set a text alert for when your kids get home from school, control their television programming with ease, or change the WiFi password daily/weekly as rewards for chores done. There’s also the added bonus that X1 TV’s rating system and parental control settings are powered by Common Sense Media. XFINITY is evolving into a one stop shop for the connected parent (including pet parents) on the go.
  • Sharing is caring – Send live video, recorded video or photos to your home TV account or to a relative or friend with XFINITY Share app. If Pop-pop can’t make it to the big little league championship game, send him live video right to his TV. Another clutch feature

Now the cremé de la cremé of all the new upgrades and the holy grail of enhanced customer experience is…*drum roll*

  • Long wait times are dead: UBER-FY YOUR CABLE GUY! – Shorter customer service call wait times with more of the customer service, 2-hour maximum appointment windows and track your technician’s location like you would your Uber driver with the XFINITY My Account app. Boom. appointment-tracking-inline.0edit

If you’re a Comcast Xfinity customer and haven’t upgraded to X1, don’t wait any longer, the upgrade is free – $10 for current customers (depending on your package, take a test drive at of the new Xfinity retail locations). And if you’re looking to get in on the connected home action with some energy saving technology, enter the #XfinityMoms giveaway for a Nest Learning Thermostat below!
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