Author Jennifer Grace

Author Jennifer Grace

Can you tell our readers a bit about your background?
I am a mother of an awesome 15-year-old son, a video podcast personality, a hay house published author, and a transformational coach. I teach an 8-week course called The Creative Insight Journey; the foundation of the course based on a master’s degree class in self-mastery from Stanford University.

How did you get involved in teaching the Stanford creativity course?
8 years ago, I was at a crossroads. I left my marriage of 12 years and my work as a sag actor and filmmaker. I was desperately trying to find my life’s purpose. Once I learned of the course at Stanford, I decided to enroll. What did I have to lose? The light went on in week five of the eight-week process; I knew this was what I was supposed to be doing with my life. I took the requirements to become a certified trainer. I began teaching the course in South Florida. Thus far, fifteen hundred students have graduated from my class; and last year, I became the new train the trainer instructor. To date 45 coaches; the course has now being taught in six languages and is available in six different countries. I now teach locally and globally online.

What has been the most interesting thing students have done with the content from the course?
Get Unstuck! When students graduate from the class, they are clear about who they are and what they want. They have the self-confidence to go after the life that has been waiting for them!

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 How do you stay focused when things get tough?
I practice gratitude. Instead of focusing on what is not working – I focus on what I do have and how fortunate I am. We are so lucky that we do not live in a war torn country, that we have food in our bellies and roofs over our heads. When we allow our daily dramas to become the center of our life, we forget it is a miracle that we are even alive.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone who needs clarity on achieving his or her goals?
To take some time to do the inner work. We are so distracted with life, we text, we are on Facebook, working, shopping, cooking, watching television…meanwhile we all have a GPS in our soul- I call it Y.A.K. You Always Know. Our inner wisdom has all the answers- we just need to take time out each day to quiet our minds with meditation and take time out to write our thoughts down in our journals. This creates the space our intuition to arrive. All of the questions we are seeking answers to are already there- we just need to create space for them to arise.

What are your style must-haves for the colder months?
When I fly into NYC (my home town) from Miami (where I live) I will be sure to pack my always- timeless -DKNY Black cashmere V neck long sweater- and my new Marc by Marc Jacobs pink pastel chunky rain boots for those snowy – slushy NYC days!

What goals do you have for 2016?
To turn the Creative Insight Program into a curriculum for children and teens. I think it is crazy that we do not teach our children emotional intelligence in our school systems. I plan to change that.

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About Jennifer Grace

Jennifer Grace is the Owner and Founder of The Center of Grace as well as the Resident Dream Coach at The Standard Hotel and Spa in Miami. She is an acclaimed author whose book, Directing Your Destiny, was published by Hay House in June, 2013, along with her Radio Show which is now rated number one on Hay House. She is also a contributor for The Huffington Post. Jennifer spent eight years on Wall Street in investment banking, then crossed over into the creative world and became a SAG actor, filmmaker, and screenwriter. In the last few years she has taken her business knowledge and creative expertise and blended them into becoming an Executive Business and Media Coach. Her title of Executive Dream Producer gives her the opportunity to help others discover their personal dreams and then launch them into reality. She is trained and certified in Creativity in Business, the famed Stanford University Personal Transformation Masters Degree Course, which she teaches locally in South Florida. A strong advocate of community giving, Jennifer donates part of all proceeds to different causes each year. She is currently leading workshops and courses in South Florida, online, speaking globally and leading retreats worldwide.

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