The age of the tween is upon us. The days of elementary school and uniforms are officially over….

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My 11yr. old son, Jonathan (with his serious “Obama face” lol), is starting his transitional journey into his teen years, and entering 6th grade at the district public middle school. No more blazers, black shoes, ties, and khakis necessary…enter, the age of personal fashion. The school shopping list has now gone from super simple to “now I get to be my own cool kid” (i.e. I need to impress my friends). Oh the joys of parenting through puberty.

The good folks at Lands’ End decided to lend Jonathan a hand and help him with his new “cool kid” status, so he could go back to school in his own personal style in his #FirstDayFaves.

Lands' End Back To School

Top: Lands’ End Boys Long-sleeve raglan graphic Tee
Boys’ Iron Knee® Classic Fit Colored Jeans in Vintage Gray

The reinforcement on the Iron Knee® jeans is perfect as we all know even as they grow up, boys will be destructive-I-may-come-home-with-my-clothes-ripped-from-horsing-around boys. That feature truly makes these jeans the #BestJeansEver for active boys. It was no surprise that my little QB picked out this long sleeve t-shirt with football graphic to match, and was more than happy to show off his skills.

Lands End Back To School

For the cooler days, the latest trend in cool prints for the kids is anything “Minecraft-esque”, like this awesome Lands’ End quartz print fleece hoodie, that’s so super soft and cozy, Jonathan immediately said it feels like his snuggie.

Lands End Boys Hoodie

Hoodie: Lands’ End Boys’ Print ThermaCheck®200 Fleece Full-zip Hoodie

Of course, he had to add his on ‘flavor’ to it, because you know…the cool kid thing and all (did I mention he has an instagram account now? “My baby is growing up ” mom freak out in 3…2…1)

Lands End Fleece Hoodie

Lands End Fleece Hoodie

If you’re looking for great back to school styles from uniforms to “cool kids” clothes, Lands’ End is the perfect source. For great affordable fashion for the entire family this fall, follow Lands’ End and get the latest updates!

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Lands" End Back To School

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