Gladiators and fashionistas rejoice!! If you were coveting Olivia Pope’s flawless style, Kerry Washington, and Scandal’s costume designer, Lyn Paolo, have answered the cry from the legion of fans to make it happen…

Kerry Washington Scandal It's handled

According to WWD today:

“This fall, fans of Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope character on ABC’s hit political drama “Scandal” will be able to shop for some of her on-air looks at The Limited.” 

Everyone is buzzing about this amazing collaboration with The Limited, and what’s even more brilliant is the fact that Kerry and team were not only thoughtful, but practical about the collaboration being affordable and accessible for all women. The new mom expresses how the collection will be ‘designer agnostic’:

“People who love the look of the show can now step into this world in a way that is affordable and accessible because not everybody can afford to have the clothes they see on the show….We weren’t inspired by any designers in particular because they are all original pieces that are authentic to the character and the world of the show. Personally, I have tons of favorite designers. I don’t gravitate toward any one designer because I think of fashion as the costume of the everyday woman. The Armani house was one of the first ones to dress me. Jason Wu is a dear friend of mine, as is Tory Burch. I am a big fan of Alexander Wang

From the swing coats (YES!), to tailored blazers (YES YES!), and wide leg-pants (YES! YES! YES!), a few pieces from this new collection will definitely be on my wish-list this fall season. I mean really, I absolutely must have my #Gladiator gear ready for the season premiere. Here’s a sneak peak at the collection:

The Limited Scandal Collection(Photo by Nicole Wilder/ABC via Getty Images and The Limited Scandal collection courtesy photo)

Scandal_TheLimited_Suit.001(Photo by Danny Feld/ABC via Getty Images and The Limited Scandal collection courtesy photo)

The Limited has recently gone through a changing of guards this past fall with Diane Ellis taking the helm as the new CEO, coinciding with their 50th Anniversary. Diane Ellis is a retail star in the industry, and the former president and COO who revamped and evolved the Brooks Brothers brand.

The Limited 50th Anniversary(Photo by Todd Rosenberg Photography 2013 – 50h Anniversary, Chicago)

Ellis on the collaboration with Scandal:

“Her character represents a confident, powerful, but real and kind of vulnerable woman. Our sophisticated professional can really relate to that. She’s dealing with crisis, scandal and a life that is very complex and challenging, not maybe to the extent [as Olivia]. I don’t think our typical client is having a relationship with the president. But she’s dealing with her own version of complexity and juggling a young family at home and perhaps a career. The appeal is at the same time she always looks fabulous.”

Excited to see how Ms. Ellis evolves The Limited brand under her stewardship, using the Scandal collection as a spring board. I’m actually getting nervous just thinking about the possible pandemonium at The Limited stores the day this collection comes out! Diane, may seriously want to consider some B6-13 level security for this auspicious occasion for her retail locations 😉 .

Jake Ballard B6-13


What makes this news personally fun for me, is not just the fact that I’m a huge fan of Scandal and Kerry Washington’s style, but in high school, I actually was an associate and window merchandiser for The Limited and still remember almost every song on the CDs/playlists the store would play…(like seriously, Iman’s hubby, David Bowie’s “Young American” was on repeat in my head my entire Junior year, back in 1988)

Allllllllright! Young American’s and ladies around the world, tell me, what do you think of this new collaboration? Are you excited as I am? Let me know in the comments Gladiators!