Volcanica candles burn at the core to create luminaries: the exquisitely sculpted exterior glows without melting. Each candle lasts for hours and hours. But the heart of the Volcanica centers around the people behind the candles, the artists whose designs take from age old craftsmanship, and the place that defines them.  Made in Ubud, the cultural and artistic center in the middle of the Island of Bali and named for the Volcanos nearby, they are designed to relax, release, and exhilarate your soul. http://www.volcanicacandles.com

Dendritic Ball

Wanted to share these exceptional eco-friendly candles from VOLCANICA (www.volcanicacandles.com). Artisan-made each one is a reflection of the beautiful, exotic tradition of Balinese wood working. Fabricated from only natural ingredients, indigenous to Bali, pure waxes from bees and palm trees these candles are a gorgeous, incredibly unique way to add allure to your home. They can be sexy and romantic or enlivening and embracing. Wonderful for close encounters or equally pleasurable for a gathering of friends. With 221 styles to choose from, there is something perfect for every mood and every occasion! http://www.volcanicacandles.com/

Amethyst Small Pillar

These candles look exactly like the photo! You will not be disappointed. I’ve burned the candles and they are unscented. The Amethyst is perfect for intimate moments. The Dendritic Ball’s golden glamour is a great choice for entertaining at home. You know it really is remarkable how these favorite styles come in so many shapes! From tapers to squares to traditional pillars – and more – I find endless delight in perusing the collections.

Bali Volcano at Sunset

For more information and to order visit: http://www.volcanicacandles.com

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