Beauty addicts can now enjoy the chic setting, impeccable service, and time saving techniques for themselves, all while being treated to an unforgettable experience.

Cherry Blow Dry Bar will be opening its first U.S. store in Tallahassee on November 4, 2013.   Whether it’s for a girls’ night out on the town, a special event, or a quick beauty fix, the Cherry Blow Dry Bar treats its clients to a perfectly polished look and unforgettable experience in about 30 minutes. The salon offers a blow out service and extensions.

Cherry Blow Dry Bar

What do we do at Cherry Blow Dry Bar, you ask?


We do two things… and we do them extremely well.

Our world-famous Blow outs

Any length hair, any day, $35. We don’t charge more just because you have longer hair, or because it’s Friday night.


Dreaming of that long, luscious hair you see in magazines? We provide exactly what you’d expect: premium, long-lasting, and beautifully blended tape extensions that won’t damage your hair.

Short & Sweet

And keeping up appearances is easy with Cherry Blow Dry Bar. We’ll service your extensions every 6-8 weeks to keep you looking gorgeous!

At Cherry Blow Dry Bar we focus on our two signature services, Blow outs and Extensions.  Why? Because these finishing touches to the perfect style are so important that we wouldn’t settle for anything less than being the best. So we focus our energy on being the best at exactly what you want.

Getting the Chery Shampoo

Nathan Cuneen is the founder of Australia’s popular Blow Dry Bar, and Cherry Blow Dry Bar in the United States. With almost a decade of business ventures under his belt, Nathan has grown Blow Dry Bar to be one of the most successful innovations in franchise businesses yet. He began his entrepreneurial career with the Muffin Break franchise from 2004 to 2005 and later became the Founder and President of The Coffee Scene from 2004 to 2008. Moving his focus to beauty, Nathan founded the Bliss Laser and Cosmetic Clinic and served as the company’s President from 2006 to 2009.

It was in 2008 that Nathan founded what is now a national brand in Australia, Blow Dry Bar. Moving his focus to men’s hair care in 2010, Nathan founded Fuel For Men, a full-service men’s only salon. After his Blow Dry Bar concept took Australia by storm, Nathan expanded the business to the United States.

The Cherry Braid

About the Cherry Blow Dry Bar  Tallahassee, Florida Franchise Owners:

Courtney Harrison has over a decade of experience in corporate marketing and event planning in the financial services industry. Currently, she holds the position of brokerage manager and marketing director of North Florida Financial Corporation.

Courtney and her fellow Florida State University alumna and business partner, Taryn Harmon Griffin are owners of Cherry Blow Dry Bar’s first U.S. franchise store in Tallahassee.

A lifelong resident of Tallahassee, Florida, Courtney graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising. A true lover of fashion, travel, interior design, and all things related to style, Courtney is active locally in both the fine arts and business communities.

Cherry Blow Dry Bar – Tallahassee, Florida Location

Taryn Harmon Griffin

Taryn has a decade of experience in marketing across various industries including: advertising, fashion, and finance. Upon graduating from college, she had worked in advertising at St. Ives/Avanti for two years as a project manager.

Shortly after working for St. Ives/Avanti, she became a partner in a fashion wholesale company. From 2010 to June 2013, she served as the marketing director for North Florida Financial Corporation, a life insurance and financial planning company. Now, she is opening the first Cherry Blow Dry Bar with partner, Courtney Harrison in Tallahassee.

With a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising from Florida State University, Taryn is a resident of Tallahassee, Florida. A lover of fashion and travel, she lives with her husband and two children.

The Cherry Bar