Let’s face it, too much of anything is not good, including fast food. Reality of a busy mom’s life can sometimes dictate a pit stop to grab a quick dinner from the pizza shop or your favorite fast food place. The one thing we don’t ever discuss when “some of us” healthy moms get on our high horse, is that we have choices, and fast food places now have choices too. We can choose fries, or we can choose salad, but don’t blame your favorite fast food place for YOUR poor choices. So, I chose to go check out McDonald’s healthy menu options at their Nutrition Network event.

McDonald's Healthy Menu

As I learned of all the healthy 300 calorie or less meal options, I aslo learned that the one thing I had a taste for all day, the one thing I planned on eating AS SOON as I got there, was not on the “healthy” menu – french fries. 🙁 Yes, our favorite indulgence, the most addicting side dish probably on the planet, is not healthy (of course I knew this but who can resist fresh hot fries?!!). Alas, I did find something that was lip-smacking good to my taste buds as a healthy alternative. The Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfait with Granola is absolutely delish!

McDonald's Fruit Parfait

McDonald’s Nutrition Network spokesperson, the lovely Tonya Zuckerbrat, a well known dietician, gave us the scoop on what the fast food giant has been up to with developing healthy food options.

Tonya Zuckerbot MCDN

Note: this next line will be sensitive to children. Happy Meals now have a smaller sized french fries (previously 2.2 ounce and now 1.1 ounce), already come with apples, and have beverage options including chocolate milk. (Shhhh, don’t tell my youngest boy, he will have a fit lol). Seriously, these our the type of changes we need from food companies as child obesity is rampant and children now are steadily becoming expected to have a shorter lifespan then their parents. Some children are even being diagnosed with adult onset diabetes long before they reach adulthood.

Clearly, the objective is NOT to eat at McDonald’s or any pre-made, fast food establishment on a daily or too frequent basis. Find time to actually cook and prepare a healthy meal. However, when you’re on the go and need affordable options for a quick meal, no your choices, ask for healthy alternatives, and read the calorie counter! Do we eat at McDonald’s on occasion? Of course we do! Football, track, activities, and a busy family life sometimes means grabbing a meal at the go. When we do, we do get things like salads with our burgers, but I’m not going to lie, I want the extra large french fry!! It’s OK to treat yourself when you eat healthy, stay active, and live life in moderation not in excess.

Learn more about McDonald’s Nutrition Network here, and remember, healthy eating is all about choices!



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