Bedroom Hair! How to get the “Bardot” look! Courtesy of Celebrity Hairstylist Angelo David of Angelo David Salon, New York City.

Brigitte Bardot

Movie star Brigitte Bardot, was known for her sexy bedroom hair. Even today, with the help of extensions this look dominates top celebrities, magazines and runways. “It is hair that woman want” says Angelo David . Angelo tells us how to achieve this look with couture hair extensions.


The “Bardot” is all about volume. The quickest way to achieve the look is using the Angelo David Couture clip-on Extensions. They blend well with the texture of your hair, while making application much faster compared to others. Having 2 rows of clip-on extension attached to your hair will instantly give it sudden fullness.

1)Begin blow drying clip-on extensions before using a 2 inch barrel iron to create tousled waves

2)Tease hair extensions by sections, giving you that extra volume



3)Prep washed hair for styling by applying the Angelo David Silk Styling Foam Mousse to the roots of your hair

4)Blow dry hair before using the 2 inch barrel iron

5)Tease the crown section of the head to achieve extra volume


6)Attach the Angelo David couture extensions to your head then use the Angelo David Boar Bristle brush to blend with your hair.

7)Run your finger through your hair, creating the softness.

8)Finish the look with hairspray


The “Bardot” is the perfect look for this upcoming holiday season. It’s classic and sexy; perfect for the little black cocktail dress, and the sassy pants suit.  If you’re not a DIY type, make an appointment at the Angelo David Salon and get ready for our close-up!

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Photos provided by Lawlor Media Group.