Author and English naturalist, John Ray once said:

“Beauty is power; a smile is its sword….”

It is the spontaneous experiences and special moments that make life more exciting, but nothing spoils the excitement of a last-minute invitation than a less than dazzling smile.  A smile that stands out and helps make a good impression is important in every social occasion, so if you’re feeling your pearly whites just aren’t up to par, now there is a solution that requires almost no planning in a convenient application for whitening without the wait!

Crest 3D Whitestrips

Bring out your self-confidence and inner beauty with Crest 3D 2-hour Express Whitestrips when:

  • Your boss notifies you he/she cannot make the meeting and you have to lead the presentation.
  • You’ve received a last minute invite to a movie premiere, fashion show, or other fabulous event.
  • You have two hours to spare while cleaning the house, watching a movie, or shopping online.

What does a great smile mean to you? Check out STYLEMOM.com founder, Nichelle Pace and style insiders Erika Lehmann,  Danielle SmithJeannine Morris, and Jennifer Schmidt, as they share their smile stories:


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