You may not need another lipgloss, but how about one that will plump without the sting, has anti-aging properties, is paraben-free, and mesmerizes anyone that happens to be lucky enough to be talking to you while wearing your Lip Savvy!?

The Lip Savvy! glosses are housed in artfully packaged click tube and come in 22 shades, and in two different textures.  The ColorGlam Collection offers 12 shades in the creamy finish, some with a subtle shimmer, and the Star Studded Shine Collection has 10 shimmery shades that radiates with intense sparkle and multi-dimensional shine.

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Lip Savvy! glosses minimizes fine lines and wrinkles with Hyaluronic Filling Spheres™ and collagen boosting peptides.  They also put the kabosh on the aging process with a patented Complete Free Radical Protection Technology™.

Lip Savvy Shades

About the Founder of Lip Savvy!

Deidra Whatley is a singer from Lousina.  Deidra loves makeup just as much as she does performing on stage.  Her weakness is lip gloss.  Whenever she discovered a new brand, shade, or formula, out came the credit card.  Unfortunately, she’d be disappointed when her new purchase did not live up to her expectations.   Finally, when her makeup bag weighed as much as her musical equipment, she realized that if she was ever going to find the perfect lip gloss, she would have to make it herself and thus, Lip Savvy! was born.  Her mission was to create an efficient, easy-to-use, multi-functional, on-the-go product that is fashion-forward, fun to use, and embodies the best age-defying technology available today.


The Lip Savvy website is not fully functional, but you can submit a pre-order request.  Visit:

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