I have one thing to say about celebrity colorist Rita Hazan.  Genius!

Her new product, “Root Concealer” is simply the one and ONLY product that I’ve ever seen that really does conceal (conceal, get it? ),  stubborn grey hair.

Rita says, “Creating Root Concealer was never about putting out a product line.  There was a purpose.  It was about listening to my clients and understanding their needs as their colorist, and as a consumer.  I’m so proud of my new Root Concealer; I think it’s going to help so many people feel more confident between salon visits.”

The Root Concealer was tested in a variety of settings such as, rain, a spin class, and swimming.  This product stood up to a spin class!  Once you spray the color on, it stays until it’s shampooed out.

As you can see from the above photo, you apply it just as if you’re using hair spray.

After using Rita Hazan's Dark Brown Root Concealer

I can positively stand behind this product.  Rita had two clients on hand Irma,  and her aunt Esther.  They allowed me to do a hands on demo.  Both of these ladies have snow white hair.  And the Root Concealer completely covered it.  It’s amazing.


Root Concealer is available at nationwide at Sephora.  It retails for $24.


To learn more about Rita Hazan visit: www.ritahazansalon.com

Product information provided by Rita Hazan.

Photos provided by ID PR.