When Sex and the City’s character Samantha Jones, headed to the plastic surgeon’s office to get a chemical peel, in search of a more youthful glow, she ends up with a face that looks like a sunburn on steroids. I couldn’t help but agree with the scenario that there are many women that will take such drastic measures in search of perfect blemish-free skin. Thankfully, technology is ever evolving and there is no need to resort to harsh treatments to obtain spectacular skin.

The truth is, bringing the glow back and keeping it, is a combination of eating good whole food, exercise, professional treatments, and powerful skincare products. The following products are potent and worthy of being in your vanity.


This product has an extremely unique story behind it, as it is an unexpected discovery from a biotechnology lab in San Francisco, was originally focused on renewable energy research.

Algenist features Alguronic Acid, the new anti-aging breakthrough ingredient that is scientifically proven superior to other key anti-aging ingredients. Algenist is the only product on the market with containing Alguronic Acid, the targeted compound responsible for protecting, nourishing and regenerating skin.

Price of products range between $65, and $135.  Products available for purchase online at: http://www.algenist.com, or nationwide in Sephora.


I love this line.  Lierac Paris’ founder Dr. Leon Cariel’s philosophy is to correct, balance, and restore skins vitality.  The products are free of synthetic coloring agents, parabens, fragrance, and phenoxyethanol.  Lierac Paris is created utilizing marine and plant essential oil.  The line is  gentle and very effective.

I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to any product that claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite, but the Morpho-Slim actually does.  The instructions are to apply for 28 days.  I am 14 days in, and already pleased with the results.  In addition, Lierac also has an extensive and very powerful eye treatment line.  The entire eye care line is a must have.

Price of products range between $26, and $145.  Products can be purchased online at: http://www.lierac-usa.com

Yes to Blueberries Serum

Yes To, Inc., is a skincare line produced using fruits and vegetables as it base.  There is Yes to Carrots for dry or dehydrated skin, Yes to Cucumbers for irritated skin, Yes to Tomatoes for acne prone skin, and Yes to Blueberries to address skin that is showing signs of aging.  I’ve not had the opportunity to try any products from this line, however, I do like the fact that they’ve developed a line that zeros in on most skincare concerns.  And, it is high in antioxidants, as well as free of parabens.

Price of products range between $8, and $80.  Products can be purchased online at: http://www.yestocarrots.com, or in Whole Foods Market.

Getting and maintaining spectacular skin is a continued effort.  Thoroughly cleansing, toning and treating daily is number one.  Next, eating good whole food, using the best products suited for your skin condition, visiting  an aesthetician a few times a year, and working up a good sweat on a regular basis is the way to a healthy natural glow.


Photo and product information for Algenist was provided by HL Group.

Photo and product information for Lierac Paris was provided by Ales Group USA.

Photo and product information for Yes to Blueberries was provided by Yes To Carrots, Inc.