We all know the life of a reporter is very unpredictable as news is being made every minute of the day.  I caught up with the regal news reporter Tina Martin, a reporter with Channel 3 Eyewitness News in Connecticut.  Tina shared how she keeps her skin and hair in check  on such a busy schedule.

Tina Martin - WFSB Eyewitness News Reporter

Tayelor: Please tell us a little about you.  Are you originally from Connecticut?  When did you decide to be a journalist, who was your inspiration?  If you weren’t a journalist what would you be doing?

Tina: I am from Cambridge Massachusetts and came to Connecticut as a member of the channel 3 team in 2008.  I decided to become a journalist in high school when I discovered my natural love for speaking in public and writing. If I were not a journalist, I’d probably be an actress.

Tayelor: That’s great.

Tayelor: Okay, how do you keep your skin so radiant? What’s your day and night skincare routine? What products are you currently using?

Tina: I use Oil of Olay Daily facials to clean my skin along with a daily exfoliant from Dermalogica. I use Total Effects Daily Moisturizer from Olay for my moisturizer.  I also use their under eye brightener.

Tayelor: What’s the one product that you cannot live without?

Tina: Boy…..there are so many. But since you have to start with a clean face, I would say my daily facial cleanser.

Tayelor: Do you get monthly facials? Or visit spas regularly?

Tina: I do not get facials monthly, I do an exfoliation treatment every two months or so. Yes I visit spas for massages.

Tayelor: What’s your daily makeup routine?

Tina: First I apply NW45 MAC Studio Fix powder, then concealer from Lancome in my t-zone.  Next I apply MAC Raizin blush on my cheeks and cheek bones.  I use expresso eyeshadow.  Black liquid liner on my upper eyelid, and line my lower eyelid with Revlon ColorStay crayon in black.  I line my lips with the chestnut lip liner from MAC, bonfire lipstick  from MIZANI, and COVERGIRL  Lash Blast mascara in black.

I also apply false eyelashes sometimes Ardell #105 (same as Oprah)

At the studio, we have a professional makeup artist that has customized a  “a face” for each of the reporters, and we apply that look every day.

Tayelor: Do you wear makeup when you’re not in front of the camera?

Tina: Sometimes, its depends on what Im doing. At the gym no.  Running errands and hanging out, yes.

Tina: What makeup lines are in your cosmetic bag?


Tayelor: Do you mind if I look in your cosmetic bag?

Tina: No.

Tina's Cosmetic Bag

Tayelor: Tina! Wow. I am impressed.  It’s so neat, and the brushes are clean! LOL! Okay, back to business.

Tayelor: What haircare products do you use?

Tina: My hair stylist uses a special shampoo for my hair. The conditioner is Pantene Relaxed & Natural and others as well.  I am often asked, if this is my natural hair, yes it is.  I keep it healthy by not using any heat, no blow dryers, flat irons or curling irons.  I get it washed and set once a week.

Tayelor: Will you be changing your hair color, or style for the summer?

Tina: I will lighten my hair this summer.

Tayelor: If you’re called in the middle of the night to cover a breaking news story, how quickly can you apply your makeup?

Tina: 2 minutes.  LOL!

Tayelor: LOL!  That must be some kind of record!

Tina, thank you for taking the time to meet with me.  It’s been a pleasure.

To see Tina Martin in action, tune into WFSB Channel 3 Eyewitness News on CBS, Hartford, Connecticut. http://www.wfsb.com