Spring is in the air.  Which means that sandal season is just around the corner.  Are your feet ready?  If not, Gehwol’s Med Brand Callus Cream, claims to greatly reduce calluses in 28 days or less.  This claim just may be true, German pharmacist  Eduard Gerlach created the product in 1848.

Gehwol Callus Cream

The Spa at Trump Soho, are utilizing the Gehwol med hand, foot, and body care products for specialty treatments.

Gehwol products are available in the following pharmacies: C.O. Bigelow Chemists, Windsor Pharmacy, Clyde Chemist, and Gideon Drugs.

For other locations, and to learn more about the Gehwol product line, visit: www.gehwol-usa.com

Photo and product information provided by Trent & Company Inc.