Cosmetic Chemist Kimberly Riley has done it again!  The talented Riley was requested by House of Versatile Styles (HVS), Laureluxe, and Stevie Boi to create an exclusive lipgloss color that reflect the designers new collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!

The three shades that Riley created are fun, fashionable, and smell divine! The glosses are created with the highest quality natural botanical ingredients, and has Riley’s usual stamp of aromatic flavoring. These signature glosses are scented with delectable chocoalate, warm and tasty coconut, and fruitilicious grape.  Order all three of these limited edition shades now, because once they sell-out, that’s it!

The colors are listed in order as shown in the photo below.

All colors were created specifically for the following celebrity designer brands:

House of Versatile Styles (HVS) (Purple Goddess)

Laureluxe (Dipped in Luxe)

Stevie Boi (Infatuation)

FSL New York Fashion Week Limited Edition

The lovely design of House of Versatile Styles.

The Goddes Necklace

Laureluxe.  It’s all about the sexy.


The ever funky Stevie Boi.

Stevie Boi

Please note, models are not wearing the FSL Designer Inspired Lipgloss.  See colors above.

In honor of Fashion Week, FSL Limited Edition glosses are retailing for $15.

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Photo and product information provided by FSL Cosmetics.