After a quick visit to Phoenix for some R&R and a couple of media appearances, the whirlwind of Social Media Week and Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week was in full force on February 9th. In less than 12 hours, I had landed in PHL, made a pit stop home in Jersey, chatted with my oldest son late night as he played video games (he’s a freshman at community college), slept a couple hours, changed clothes, and made a quick breakfast for my youngest son (age 7) to let him know that mommy was home (but not for long), put him on the school bus, and headed to NYC. I totally earned the “S” on my chest that day…my head is spinning just thinking about it – whew!

Finally, I arrived at the inaugural Lucky FABB (Fashion and Beauty Bloggers) Conference late that morning, before the lunch break, just in time to hear the second half of designer, Tory Burch‘s (mom of 3 sons, and 3 step-daughters) panel discussion.

Lucky FABB Wall Heidi Klum Cover(L – Hand painted wall R- it was only befitting that the Lucky March issue handed out at the conference, showcased fashion icon and mom, Heidi Klum on the cover)

Hosted by Lucky Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Brandon Holley (mom of 1 son), the conference was a bounty of brilliant and inspiring women, moms, and fashion influencers, from the speakers to the attendees.

Brandon Holley and Tory Burch(L – Lucky Magazine’s EIC, Brandon Holley R-Designer, Tory Burch photo: Lucky Flickr)

President and Executive Creative Director of J.Crew, Jenna Lyons, shared her inspiration, management style, and how she juggles being a mom with her work.

Brandon Holley and Jenna Lyons(Brandon Holley and J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons)

Jenna Lyons(Jenna Lyon’s chic steet style – photo by: Vanessa Jackman)

Jenna Lyons and Beckett(When Jenna isn’t running a fashion power house, she’s hanging with her hubby and their adorable son Beckett – photograph by Vincent Mazeau)