Color correctors are one of the many secret staples in the kit of makeup artists.  It is the key to creating a face that is radiant and flawless.  While we all wish that we had the smooth, creamy, even-toned skin that we were born with, it is not the case for the majority of us.  So, a little help is needed.

 FusionBeauty has created corrective  primers that have been infused with skincare ingredients.  The double-duty color cosmeceutical claims to provide anti-aging, acne control, smooth fine lines, and reverse photo-aging (sun damage).  

The downside of most color correctors is, the zinc, or titanium-dioxide ingredient, found in most leaves brown skin looking ashy.  Even though foundation will be applied on top, the skin will look pasty.  The best solution for brown skin women is to find a colorless primer.  This type of primer will minimize fine lines, fill-in large pores and provide a flawless finish.     

FusionBeauty PrimeResults Color Correctors $42

PrimeResults Acne Control Primer, tinted yellow claims to immediately neutralize redness and contains salicylic acid.

PrimeResults Brightening Primer, tinted mauve claims to temporarily even out and brighten skin tone, while Chromabright, and licorice help to reverse the signs of photo-aging.

PrimeResults Anti-Redness Primer, tinted green claims to immediately neutralize the appearance of redness, while peptides and algae calm soothe the skin.

PrimeResults Anti-Wrinkle Primer, tinted peach to claims to brighten the skin, while Matriyxl helps to minimize fine lines.

PrimeResults retails for $42, and can be purchased at,  Or, at Sephora locations nationwide.

Photo and product information provided by, Lippe Taylor.