Many of us use curling irons, or flat irons daily.  What to do with the hot iron once finished is always a challenge.  If you’re like me, you wrap the hot iron in a towel and store in the vanity.  Finally, there is a solution.  Lisa Anderson has created a product called Curl Covers.  They are heat resistant pouches that allow immediate storage after using a hot hair appliance.  

Curl Covers ~ $15

Decorative, colorful, and looks fabulous on the vanity.  Purchase a few, as the pouches are a great gift, and for travel as well.

Black and White Curl Cover

Hot iron stored in Curl Cover

The curl cover is pretty and functional.  Immediately store hot appliance in the pouch, fold the cord outside of the pouch, and secure to the curl cover with the elastic that is attached to the pouch.

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Photos provided by Lisa Anderson.