Getting the toned sleek and sexy body you want is easier than ever with the CanyonRanch iPad App.  The famed luxury destination spa has teamed-up with Apple to create workouts on demand!   There will be no reason to miss a workout because of time, or bad weather.  Whether your workout of choice is yoga, weight-lifting, or pilates there is a fun activity that will fit into your schedule.

Everyday Fitness

The CanyonRanch Everyday Fitness application, has 79 fitness videos and 25 articles that focus on helping you attain your fitness goals. For 30 years, CanyonRanch has been educating it’s guests on the benefits of getting healthy from the inside out.

Everyday Fitness is now available to download from the Healthcare and Fitness category of the Apple iTunes store for $3.99.

Everyday Fitness

It’s a great way to try a new activity, and add variety to your workout routine.  To break a sweat during a at home yoga session, turn up the heat a few degrees.

Everyday Fitness

Be sure to stretch before and after your workout.   Strength as well as flexibilty is a major factor in total body health.

Everyday Fitness

It may not look like it outside now, but spring is fast approaching.  So, get the toned sleek and sexy body you’ve been dreaming of in the comfort of your own home with the CanyonRanch Everyday Fitness app.  It is one of  the best things that  you can do for yourself!

CanyonRanch will also launch Healthy Eats, and 360 Well Being iPad apps.  Healthy Eats will contain over 50 CanyonRanch signature healthy gourmet recipes as well as cooking tips; and 360 Well Being is a collection of health-related videos and tips from CanyonRanch experts by Body Mind and Spirit.

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