If you’re looking for great OTC (over the counter), products that yield fast results, then these products will certainly assist you in attaining your goal.

neuLash ~ $150

neuLash an (OTC) over the counter eyelash enhancer that really works.  The box says,  “you’ll have healthy-looking lashes in just 30 days.” I saw a difference within 2 weeks, using this once per day in the evening. http://neulash.com

relastin Skin Revitalizer ~ $69.00

If your skin isn’t as radiant and youthful looking as you’d like, relastin will bring it back.  It will change the texture of your skin.  Giving you a healthy glow.  It’s fragrance free and very lightweight.  http://www.relastin.com

Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Products ~ Shampoo & Conditioner $6.00, Lotus Shield, $12.00

Want more hydrated and soft manageable hair? Then look no further. I love this line! My hair is dry, thick and curly.  The Advance Techniques haircare line from Avon is fabulous! http:// www.avon.com

Advance Techniques Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum ~ $8.00

I use this on the ends of hair, and I apply to it around my hairline.  This is great for adding shine, and keeping your ends from splitting in this harsh cold air.  Not only that, it creates a little protective coating against my hat.  http://www.avon.com