Wouldn’t it be great to have your hairstylist come to your house everyday?  The bonus? Salon gorgeous hair every day, and a style that would stand up to environmental elements.  The Daily Haircast is a new application, that was created as a feature of Brilliant Color and Beauty Today, a syndicated beauty and style program presented by Studio One Networks.

While it will not be able to send over your hairstylist, it will give you suggestions on how you should style your hair each day based on real time weather conditions, and your hair type.  What’s also unique about The Daily Haircast is, it’s based on your zip code.  For example,  if you live in Chicago, or Arizona, and it’s 105 degrees, and you have curly hair, The Daily Haircast will present the best style options by location.

The app launched today and is available for download for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.

Andrew Susman, CEO of Studio One Networks said at the launch. “We hope that the Daily Haircast will have a liberating effect,” “It takes what’s best about mobile and local technology and returns value to users.”

The Daily Haircast tool is also available at:  http://m.dailyhaircast.com, and www.brilliantcolorandbeautytoday.com.