I’ve been in the beauty industry a long time.  I’ve used all types of products.   Thankfully, I am blessed with pretty good skin.  And Leena from mySkin.com agrees.  As she did a skin analysis on me last night at the Sunday Spa and Adult Tea Party, hosted by Sally Golan at the J. Sisters Salon.  But like most women I think there is always room for  improvement.  So, I’m always on the hunt for skin and bodycare products that actually produce the results of the claim written on the label.

Lierac Paris is serious about creating effective skin and bodycare products. The company was founded in 1975 by Dr. Leon Cariel, a French physician specializing in aesthetic disorders.  Dr. Cariel created one of the first cosmeceutical product lines.  In 1979, Patrick Alès, the creator of the renowned botanical hair care brand Phyto, acquired Lierac Laboratories and continues to use a Dr. Cariel’s philosophy of creating products that treat a problem using a high concentration of botanicals as the main base ingredient in all products.

Micro-Abrasion $32

If you don’t have time to get a professional facial, use this.  This will brighten and smooth your skin in 3 min. This smoothing cream contains alumina crystals (25%) for deep-down exfoliation and urea (3%) for ultimate comfort. It works tirelessly to clean away dead skin cells and to aid in the production of new ones. The result is a radiant, healthy, beautiful complexion.

Diopticreme Eye Creme $34

I’m a big believer in using cream that is made specifically for the eye area.  I like an eye cream that is lightweight, absorbs quickly, hydrates, and smooth fine lines. With that said, I’ve found that very few eye creams live up to the claim on the label.   I give eye creams a minimum of 14 days to make me love it.  The Lierac Eye Cream is a winner.  It met all of my expectations.  It’s also a winner because Contains no parabens, no phenoxyethanol, no artifical coloring and no added fragrance.

Coherence Nuit $64

This is a night firming treatment cream.  It has a patented ingredient, ASC III Collagen Accelerating Vetors.  It also has magnesium which is suppose to stimulate collagen production which claims to hydrate.  I found this product made my skin feel dry.


Pure hydration.  Seriously, this will give you skin that is smooth as silk.  I love this lightweight body cream.  It was developed to heal dry irritated skin.  It does have added fragrance, but it’s not a perfume smell.  The scent is clean and fresh.

Lierac Paris products are available at European Skincare Centers,  in select CVS Pharmacy’s, and Duane Reade locations.  The products are also available to purchas online at:  www.lierac-usa.com, www.beauty.com, and www.skinstore.com. 877-5LIERAC

Product and photo information provided by Ales Group USA.