In Poland, U’Luvka Vodka is known as the vodka of royalty.  Legend has it that in 1606, King Sigismund III of Poland commissioned the alchemist Sendivogius to create a vodka that his royal court could enjoy without the benefit of a hangover the next morning.

Sendivogius accomplished the task.  U’Luvka  is a premium vodka.  It’s fresh, clean, and ultra smooth.  For the sake of research,  I  tasted it a variety of ways; a martini (stirred not shaken), the sun and the moon, and of course I made the famous cosmopolitan cocktail.  I am happy to report that I did not have a hangover the next morning ;).

U'Luvka Vodka Gift Set $50

The Bottle ~ Has won many awards for it’s unique design.  Elegant and sexy, the twisted glass teardrop shaped bottle  represents the harmonic dance between man and woman.  The logo is also the symbol for the masculine and divine energy; man, woman, the sun, and the moon .

U'Luvka Vodka Gift Set $29

If you’ve been looking for a new vodka this is it. This holiday season, treat yourself to a bottle of U’Luvka and, give it as a gift.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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