When sourcing fashion tips and advice, you will frequently hear: “you have to have a good base” or “the proper undergarment makes the difference in your look”.  Since it had been a few years since I had been fitted for underwear, after receiving an invitation from the folks at Bali, I decided to take my own advice go in for a fitting at my local Macy’s.

bra fitting(Image from Dailymail.co.uk)

Let me tell you, was I in for a rude awakening! The wonderful fit specialist pulled out her tape measure and begin to size and measure all of my “protruding parts”, then kindly told me that my bra size was a 32C…wait a minute?!! I’ve been a 34 or 32 B for all these years! I proceeded to explain to the fit specialist, that many times my bras slide out of place or feel uncomfortable after a long day, and she smiled and said: “that’s because you’ve been wearing the wrong size”. Now, I’m not a “busty” woman, and after breastfeeding, the sagging, and all things that come with age, motherhood, and gravity, I never assumed or even thought I was a C cup. Well apparently, I have my larger left breast to thank for this and a lesson was learned: ALWAYS get fitted for your bra, and a good fit specialist will measure for your larger breast, which most women have. So as I began to revel in my new cup size, the fit specialist lays down the gauntlet and says: “You have a very small back and 32C is one of the hardest bra sizes to find, not too many people make them.” – womp womp :(. Luckily, there were a couple of 34C’s that would work for me if I latched them on the last hook.

Now I had already accepted that my behind, booty, butt, hind parts, whatever you like to call it, has always had a mind of it’s own, and grows when it wants to. For many years being a size 4-6, I was wearing size small underwear, but started to incorporate size mediums as it had become apparent that I could not fit all smalls anymore. However, this fitting sealed my bootylicious fate. After being measured, the conclusion was size small was totally out of my league, I was a medium, and depending on the cut of the panty/bottom, I even wear some larges – womp womp part 2.

Now I know I’m a smaller woman, and some of you may say, I already wear large underwear, girl, get a grip! Well before you go off on your tangent, just think about this, how would you feel if for most of your adult life you wore those same size large underwear, then went for a fitting and was told you need a 2X? Or, if you were convinced and sooo sure you were a 36C and then was fitted and told you’re actually a 34 DD? It’s not about the size, large or small, it’s about the change in each of our individual bodies, and how we adjust to those changes not only from a style and fashion standpoint, but also from a mental and emotional one.

The entire ordeal, was a reality check, but at the end all I could do was laugh at how clueless I was about my own body for so long. I’m still happy to be me just as I am, little back and waist, saggy pancake boobs with a medium/large booty. And thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and style mom J-Lo, being bootylicious could totally work towards my advantage ;). So I start out my Bali 7-day Challenge with the infamous booty and placing said booty in a pair of Bali everyday seamless shapewear brief. The briefs are super comfortable, offer light control and smoothing, don’t feel tight, and are great under non-clingy dresses, dress pants, or shorter skirts.

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