With back to school, comes a whole host of things as a fashion editor and mom. Not only am I scrambling to shop for school clothes and school supplies, but I also have little league football games and events, as well as planning for New York Fashion Week. I’m feeling anxiety even as I write this post! Between, school, football, and fashion week, the laundry room becomes total armageddon the first few weeks of September.

The many outfits I pull to wear to shows and events, my teen son’s gear, as well as the daily dirty, grass and mud-stained football gear of my little one.

With an insane schedule, I don’t have time to sit and scrub stains. So, when Wisk announced the release of  Wisk with Stain Spectrum™ Technology, I didn’t dread going to war in our laundry room as much, check out the release video:

It makes me think, when did laundry become such a production??! Remember the “gold old days”, when it seemed like the only stain most folks worried about was ring around the collar? lol!!

Be sure to check back for more Wisk Laundry Tales as we dig deep into the science of stains, and try to dig ourselves out of the beastly pile of laundry ;).

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About Wisk:
The Wisk brand has a rich history. Wisk was launched in 1956 as the first liquid laundry detergent and ultimate stain fighter. Wisk’s liquid form was incredibly innovative because it offered the
convenience of pre-treating and washing without all of the hard work. Before the introduction of liquids, consumers pretreated stains by making pastes out of powder!
In 1968, the brand developed the extremely successful, “Ring Around the Collar” campaign that ran for over thirty years. This campaign capitalized on America’s frustration with those pesky collar stains, and made Wisk a household name synonymous with powerful cleaning. The Wisk “Ring Around the Collar” campaign won many awards, and even still has recall with consumers today!
In 2010, the makers of Wisk re-launched the brand. New Wisk features new packaging, a new formula, and a new advertising campaign focused on the Science of Stain Fighting. Wisk is about to change the way you look at stains forever! For more information, visit www.Wisk.com.