Always inventive, never predictable, Marc Jacobs is one of this generation’s hottest and most influential style icons.  He lends these trademark provocative and irreverent qualities to his new powerful fragrance and first masculine scent in almost a decade, BANG.

This fragrance is for the man that is comfortable being noticed and ensuring that his first impression will be remembered (See photo). Though this is probably a scent that is for weddings, and black-tie events, the freshness of the vetiver evens it out just enough that it also works at the All-Star game.

Marc Jacobs BANG, 1.7 fl. oz., $55, the 3.4 fl oz.,  is $75.

BANG is housed in a metallic silver heavyweight bottle with a powerful impact marked at the core. The peppery, woody and spicy fragrance starts with an explosion of black, pink, and white peppercorns, is wrapped with primal masculine woods, and finishes with hypnotic elemi resinoid, vetiver, white moss and patchouli.

Marc Jacobs launched a Facebook game. “Bang You’re It”.  Like his fashion, “Bang You’re It’ is free for interpretation and allows users to bang friends profile pictures and get banged in return in order to rack up points.  By banging someone, you are essentially banging their profile picture with the same impacted look as the BANG fragrance bottle. The more bangs, the more points.

To play, and win exclusive Marc Jacobs fragrance, fashion, or a trip to NYC to attend the next Marc Jacobs runway fashion show, visit Marc Jacobs at:

BANG is available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s and Marc Jacobs boutiques.

Photo and product information provided by Attention USA.