It’s usually a clear sign that you may have lost touch with your style self if your friend, mother, or daughter looks at your outfit with a sour-puss face, and asks in disbelief: “Are you wearing that?!”? New York Stylist, and mom, Luciene Salomone helps mothers and daughters transform each other while reconnecting inside and out in WEtv’s new reality series “You’re Wearing That?!?. Check out our style Q & A with the lovely Ms. Salomone and see a sneak peek of the new show:

(Luciene Salomone on the set of WEtv’s “Are You Wearing That!?!?”)

SM:      In your experience as a stylist, what is the biggest challenge most moms/women face when in comes to fashion and styling their wardrobes?

LS:         The biggest challenge is getting women, especially moms, to get out of their ruts, clean their closets stick to what looks best on their body type.  So many moms give all their time and attention to their families and work, that they seem to forget about themselves.  It is very important for women to take the necessary time to build a wardrobe, learn how to do their own hair and make up and dress well everyday.  I always start with  Closet Rehab, where we get rid of all the clutter that doesn’t work, and build a functional wardrobe that fits and looks great.  I also see that so many women don’t know how to shop and fall into buying something on sale or because it is the trend.  Not every trend works for every woman.  It is better to spend more money on one great piece than waste money on something you will never wear.  I always tell my clients to become their own fashion editors. Learn what looks best on you for your body type and life style and stick to it.  There are lots of ways to incorporate the many trends we see each season.

Another obstacle is for busy women to find the time for themselves.  I know women that only allow themselves 15 minutes to get dressed in the morning…well if you are showering for 10, that gives you 5 for hair, makeup and selecting an outfit.  Find the time and get into the habit of dressing yourself every morning.  Once you do it a couple of times it will be second nature.  Having a great functional wardrobe will make dressing easier and you will be less overwhelmed.   Remember, even effortless style takes effort!!

SM:        What advice can you give to new moms, who may be having difficulty adjusting their wardrobe because of a change in body type/shape post-baby?

LS:           This is such a great question.  New moms especially need to feel good and look good.  More often than not our bodies change and we are usually heavier.  A few tips:

  • Give yourself ample time to go back to your original weight and don’t feel like you have to fit right back into your skinny jeans.
  • Buy shape wear!  Instantly makes you feel thinner.
  • Exercise.  It will help get the added weight off and give you more energy.
  • Invest in a couple of great basic pieces that are your current size and that you can possibly have altered when you loose the weight.  Also, look for fabrics with stretch such as a great pair of jeans and a man tailored blouse.
  • Do NOT Wear Maternity clothes…the last thing you want after 9 months of being pregnant is to continue to look pregnant.
  • Focus on your assets.  Now is the time to wear things that will complement your new bust line or curvier hips.
  • Find things in your existing wardrobe that still fit and move them to the front of the closet…i.e., sweaters, knits dresses etc.
  • Do Not try to squeeze into something that doesn’t fit.
  • Buy some great shoes and accessories to kick up your simple temporary wardrobe.  Changing up the accessories will give the same outfit a whole new look and will be part of your permanent wardrobe as well.
  • Now more than ever, make an effort.  Get dressed first thing in the morning, and fix your hair and makeup.

SM:        What are the 3 things every woman should have in her wardrobe?

  • Great LBD….Little Black Dress
  • Great fitting pair of jeans
  • Crisp White man tailored blouse

SM:         What have been your guidelines with your daughter in terms of fashion/style, and what’s your advice to her and other girls/young women on keeping a healthy attitude about their body image?

LS:            My daughter is 10 years old, but she has always loved fashion and dressing.  I am fortunate that we pretty much see eye to eye on things.  But from the very beginning I feel it is important to help your daughter develop not only a sense of style, but the self confidence to feel good about themselves.  When Giuliana was younger I would choose 3 outfits and let her make the final decision.  This way she felt that it was her choice, but I ultimately made the final approval.  I also recommend to moms with young teenage or tween daughters to really take and interest and be patient.

Before you set out to shop with your daughter, talk about her style, look at magazines and websites for styles that she likes.  If your daughter likes something that is inappropriate, don’t just say no, offer alternatives.  For example, a too sexy lace top, show her how the lace trend can look age appropriate as a super cute skirt worn with leggings.  Heel height is another issue for tweens.  Every girl is dying to get into a pair of really high heels.  Before you say no, show them just how many cute 2” wedges or kitten heels look great.  If you approach this touchy topic with a really positive attitude and give them the time and attention they need, it will be a great experience.  Make it fun and if you need help, don’t be afraid to enlist a great sales associate or personal shopper from the store.  Many stores offer personal shopping free of charge.  Also, be sure your budget is set before you go shopping and remind your daughter she can find lots of great stuff within your budget.  Lastly, mom, don’t be afraid to say no.  You have the final say when your daughter is young and you are buying her clothes.

With regard to body image, I think for a long time girls felt pressure to feel really thin.  In the recent years I have actually seen a trend where moms are more concerned because their daughters are gaining too much weight.  Being healthy and fit at a young age is so important.  It sets the tone for the rest of your life.  If your daughter doesn’t have a good body image she may not feel great in any clothes.  I always say the best parenting skill is to lead by example.  If you want your daughter to have a healthy fit body and good self image, be sure you are doing the same for your self.  In addition to finding your own sense of style with your clothes, it is important to be healthy and fit.  This will also lead to doing things together.  Cook healthy meals, play a game of tennis, go power walking or try a yoga class.   You will be doing something that is great for you as well as your daughter.

Watch the sneak peek of “You’re Wearing That?!?”. Series premieres on WEtv Thursday, August 19th @ 10p | 9c.