As a line, a+o is known for it’s playful fun use of colour and textures. How does this translate in terms of your new collection with M.A.C?

We wanted the makeup to be fun and playful: for me clothing and cosmetics should be whimsical, they should both make you smile and feel flirtatious. With that in mind, I wanted our packaging and our colours to be like candy. Everyone loves candy.

You’re known to rock some pretty megacosmetics yourself. Can you describe your ultimate beauty look?

I am known for wearing really dark, defined eye makeup, bright fun nail poloish and pale glossy lip gloss; It was kind of amazing getting to translate my signature look into a M.A.C collection!

Who is your beauty icon?

My daughter Eloise. I mean, she wakes up and looks perfect. She even looks perfect with peanut butter and jelly smeared across her face and strawberry smoothie in her hair. I am so jealous.

What’s always in your makeup bag?

I always have a little bit of body glitter, a black M.A.C Liquidlast Liner and some sort of cream blush. And my secret for a dewy look is a touch of organic body oil on the cheeks.

(**All images and Q & A provided by Alice + Olivia)