As the solstice approaches and summer officially gets underway, many of you may still be on the hunt for a new summer fragrance. After getting “Carried” away with the Sex and the City 2 craze, and trying out the new perfume by Sarah Jessica Parker (courtesy of Coty), SJP NYC, I will definitely be adding it to my rotation of summer fragrances.

I must say, I have never been a big fan of celebrity perfumes, but SJP NYC has a wonderful lightly floral but sweet scent that goes well with my body chemistry. The signature SJP NYC scent is a delightful concoction of strawberry accord, gardenia and creamy musks, and the fragrance collection has one huge selling point for me. The perfume cuff is not only super stylish, but it is functional and befitting for a superhero like Wonder Woman.

I won MAJOR mommy cool points when I showed it to my 7 yr. old superhero obsessed son. He saw the bracelet and said: “mommy I like your bracelet”. I held it up in my best Wonder Woman pose and opened it, and if you could have seen how big his eyes got as he became so excited he began to actually stutter: “Ma-Ma-MOMMYEEE! you-you-you-you’re…COOL!!!”. The little guy is such an ego boost sometimes. I love Linda Evans and the original Wonder Woman, but when I put on the SJP NYC cuff, I’d like to think of myself as more of a modern Wonder Woman — ‘Wonder Woman 2.o’ if you will, sexy….

(painting by Kerong)

SJP NYC is available at Macy’s and comes in the following sizes:

Eau De Toilette Spray 60 ML / $49.00
Eau De Toilette Spray 30ML / $35.00
Eau De Toilette Spray 15ML / $25.00
Solid Perfume Cuff .75 G/.02 oz / $35.00

Buy this at Macy’s – Click “Celebrity Fragrances” in left column and shop Sarah Jessica Parker NYC Perfume

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