Being a long time fan of cuff jewelry and watches, I’ve developed a new accessory fixation with stingray cuffs. No, the “stingray” isn’t a stone description like I initially thought, it’s the actual skin of a stingray and I wasn’t aware it was used for jewelry up until a couple of months ago. Apparently, use of stingray leather in accessories is popular in western style culture,  but more and more jewelry designers are using this skin in their pieces.

My all-time favorite has to be this stunning custom diamond snake stingray cuff by Atelier Minyon, worn by celebrity style mom, Brooke Shields, at the Hollywood movie premiere of Furry Vengeance last month.

(photos provided by Atelier Minyon)

This is one of Atelier Minyons fabulous creations with a charming snake made of white and black diamonds with ruby eyes.

At a super luxe price tag of $28,000, it’s safe to say the snake alone is about $27,800 in gemstones. If Donald Trump isn’t your husband, and you want a more authentic western style, try the Atelier Minyon’s black stingray cuff that features a gold cattle head with ruby cuffs which retails for about $1000. Wait, stop gasping, there are plenty of budget friendly, stylish stingray cuff options that start at around $55-$60 and up.

The sting ray skin has a texture that feels hard almost like stone and it is very versatile with the various colors that have been produced, which makes for a perfect backdrop for a jewelry designer. So, basically it boils down to one main factor that affects the price of a stingray cuff: the more expensive the adornment, the more expensive the cuff.

Ferraccia – Stringray Collection has a great color selection as well as inexpensive adornment options. Prices range from $270 to $465 for wider cuffs.

You can also get these colorful bangles ranging from $55-$100 at or Shop Stingray Cuffs at

If you can afford a little bling in your life, check out these chic stingray cuffs with amethyst, diamonds and silver from the De Grisogona Galuchat collection (retails for $12,450 and up).