Having styled the locks of such A-list clients as Naomi Campbell, Donatella Versace, Sheryl Crow and Rihanna, Amoy Pitters, celebrity hairstylist and owner of Amoy Couture Hair (the new, hot salon on New York City’s prestigious Upper East Side) shares her secrets for this season’s chicest styles.

With spring in the air, this New York beauty industry veteran tells us how to infuse the season’s enchanting charm and flirty sense of fun to get your tresses spring-pretty— please see tips and style ideas below.

Tayelor: Please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got your start as a hairstylist?

Amoy: I have always had a passion for the worlds of hair, beauty and fashion! I enrolled in beauty school immediately after high school graduation and eventually booked my career-first fashion show in Paris, styling the Christian Dior couture collection in January 1998. There, I was also granted the chance to style John Galliano’s own hair for his final bow!. Soon after, began requesting me as his personal hairstylist and Donatella Versace followed suit too. From there, I styled hair for editorials and fashion shows and began working with supermodels, actresses, musicians, in addition to my everyday clients.

Celebrity Stylist, Amoy Pitters

Tayelor: What styles are hot for spring and summer? And which of these styles can a busy mom do without using a lot of tools and products that will make her look chic on a moment’s notice?

Amoy: A naturally chic ‘do is perfect for a busy mom— tousled waves are perfect! If you have straight hair, pull your locks into a bun before bed; unravel in the morning and brush out. Voila! A chicly wavy look instantly! If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, add a little curl enhancing product after washing/conditioning and let air dry.

Bangs are also a great option— with such a smart cut, your hair will always look styled without even trying!

Tayelor: And of course there will be days at the pool and beach, what type of product will protect hair from the elements?

Amoy: Leave-in Conditioners are a MUST! Especially if you’re going in the water; I suggest putting in extra leave-in conditioner and braiding or tying your locks up in a ponytail first.

Sun Protection Products are also a must-have, especially for color-treated hair.

Tayelor: How can I tame my hair from getting frizzy on humid days?

Amoy: A Brazilian Blowout – a treatment that can be found at many salons, including Amoy Couture Hair! – will absolutely tame your frizz. Perfect for a busy mom, the treatment takes only an hour and a half; it’s not a chemical, so safer than a lot of beauty treatments and won’t make your tresses stick straight, so you’ll still have body.

If your frizz isn’t too bad, a hydrating silicone-based serum will do the trick!

Tayelor: What styles are best for long, short and medium hair?


Long: Layers are a chic way to add effortless style. For a sleek, sophisticated look, wear it straight; for a fun, natural feel, wear your naturally wavy curls, or style with a curling iron.

Medium: Layers fit here as well, but they depend on the thickness of your hair. You don’t want layers that are too-short, which will make your haircut appear uneven.

For both long and medium-length locks, a great easy style is the side braid— Start by applying the volumizing mousse from root to end to achieve texture. Working on dry hair, use a 1-2” curling iron to create soft waves throughout the crown. Next, using a comb, brush back the hair at the root, sweeping the hair to one side and creating a long braid. Continue to comb the braid back to create loose flyaway’s for a soft, renaissance look. Once you’ve applied makeup and chosen an outfit, apply the look’s final touches by spraying a light layer of holding spray to secure any loose hairs.

Short: Keep it sleek with a smooth style, or mess up the top a little for texture.

Tayelor: I exercise every day, so my hair tends to be dry and dull looking from all of the washing.  How can I keep my hair looking bright and shiny?

Amoy: A common shampoo misconception: you should be doing it every day! NOT TRUE. If you’re an avid gym fan, rinse your hair with conditioner and use a leave-in conditioner. Shampoo will wash out all of those essential natural oils if you do it daily. For extra shine, you can also do a glaze at a salon, which will add shine without coloring.

Thank you for your time Amoy!

To get more haircare and styling tips visit Amoy’s website at: http://www.amoycouturehair.com

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