Sumptuous floral unites with mouth-watering fruit and warm, sensual wood for
Blue Glow by JLo.  Taking a cue from Glow by JLo, this fruity floral scent
channels the mysterious ocean in a smooth, curvaceous bottle washed in a
deep blue hue.

Blue Glow is a nicely scented fragrance but it’s very very light.  I like it but it does not have staying power.  To combat the quick evaporation of the fragrance, I recommend layering with the lotion.

JLO-Blue Glow ~ Eau de Toilette $32

Jennifer added a personal touch to the fragrance with a sexy anklet, which adorns the alluring bottle.

Top Notes: Mangosteen, Valencia Orange, Red Current Blossom

Mid Notes: Wild Water Lily, Shimmering Water Accord, Vintage Rose,  and, Vanilla Orchid

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Mahogany Wood, Florymoss, Venezuelan Tonka Bean

JLO-Blue Glow ~ Collection

The Blue Glow by JLo Collection
Eau de Toilette – $32 (1.0 oz/ 30 ml)
Glistening Body Lotion – $27.50