She’s a mother of three and a semi-eccentric soulful songstress who has created a repertoire of funky tunes and smooth “baby-making” music. Erykah Badu is known for her amplified bohemian chic style and is one of the leading ladies of neo-soul.


Her latest video for her new single, “Window Seat” (featuring Qwestlove), is ruffling some feathers, especially in her hometown of Dallas.

In the guerilla style video, Erykah walks down the street where John F. Kennedy was assassinated, and strips down to her birthday suit revealing the word “evolving” written in bold black letters on her back. At the conclusion, she is shot dead similar to JFK’s untimely demise. The nudity, and guerilla tactics have Dallas officials and some folks in a bit of a huff. However, Erykah baring it all was not your typical hollywood meaningless plot of adding shock value to get buzz. It was not a gratuitous case of her spreading her legs and throwing her crotch up against prison bars to prove she was a female, ala Gaga style. (Don’t get me wrong, I love the shenanigans and performances of Lady Gaga, but as a parent of a teen, I’d prefer that my son watched Erykah Badu’s video over Gaga’s “Telephone”, as”Window Seat”  provides an actual teachable moment unlike Lady Gaga’s video. )

Check it out for yourself:

**3.30.10 Update – Universal Music Group has pulled the video from Youtube so watch the full screen version here: (click the ankh symbol to watch)

If you’re familiar with Erykah as a personality, it should be no surprise that our favorite herbal tea drinking music star would make a statement video given the signs of the current times we’re struggling in. This isn’t the first time Ms. Badu has exposed herself to the public. A little over a year ago, Erykah and Jay Electronica live tweeted the birth of her third child. It’s obvious this was done to make a statement. In it’s simplicity, the video is overflowing with symbolism from shedding superficial layers of oneself to evolve almost like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, to exposing oneself to the world, a world that can be so afraid of what’s under those layers that it tends to destroy people and things that are raw, true, or unknown. As the famous line from A Few Good Men goes: “You can’t handle the truth!”.

I could go on and on, as this video would have been a prime candidate for a topic in my film critique class in college. But the real compelling question is, did you notice her bodacious perfectly round booty! At the age of 39 and three children, Ms. Badu is maintaining a great shape. If anything ladies, this should serve as inspiration to get in shape for those bathing suits 😉 . In the words of Tupac – I ain’t mad atcha Erykah!!!

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–  Nichelle