3.29.10 **Update – People and Essence have confirmed with Beyonce’s camp that her and Jay-Z are NOT expecting. Sigh…we’ll continue to hope and wait for probably the most anticipated celebrity baby in years!

Beyonce is a bonified diva. Jay-Z liked it, put a ring on it, and now the question arises again: Will one of the most powerful couples in the entertainment world finally be adding some heirs to their throne? Will our favorite booty shaking inspiration, Beyonce finally get to use those beautiful baby makin’ hips? (slap your hip and shake ladies 😉 )

Some sources say “NO WAY!” don’t believe the hype!  Other sources claim that “reliable” sources confirm that she is pregnant. What does Beyonce’s camp have to say?:

“No comment,” said Alan Nierob, Beyonce’s publicist. “We don’t respond to private-matter inquiries.”

Hmmmm not much to go on there. Let’s for the sake of argument say she is. If it’s early on in her pregnancy, she may not want to reveal it. We all know that many women/families still follow the cautious rule of not announcing a pregnancy until it is close to, or on the 12th week. OR is the public and gossip mills so desperate to see these two procreate, that this could all just be another “media fake-out“. What do you think? We’ll stay tuned to see if Ms. Bey will or won’t be the newest celebrity style mom. Uh-oh-ohhhh!

(photos: AP)