Looking each day good takes skill and time.  But, when you’re responsible for getting everybody else ready and out of the house in the morning, it leaves little time for getting your glam on.  But there is no need to fret stylish ones!  EyeEnvy by ColorOn Professional has the solution.  Press-on mineral eye shadow that will have you gorgeous in less than 5 min!


EyeEnvy Instant Eye Shadow Applicators

There are a wide variety of colors and styles.  You have the option to  customize or purchase a pre-packaged kit (**customization from the Color On Professional website only).  Each kit contains 5, 10, or 20  applications.

Check out the Spread Your Wings kit (shown above), and the Exotic kit which includes the pink zebra and camouflage applicators.

Seriously there are only 5 steps to apply:

1. Place
2. Smooth
3. Peel
4. Blend
5. Set

View the instructional video:

The ColorOn Eye Envy kits retail for $17.50. Get it at Sephora.com

Or click your favorite color palette below to buy: