As we pack up those winter clothes, figure out what items to keep or toss, and get ready for spring, check out our Accessory Editor’s Top Pick for the Fall/Winter 2010 Season – Twinkle by Wenlen

Known for voluminous knitted layers, feminine cuts and classic fit pieces, Wenlan’s fall/winter 2010 collection was ultra sexy with a hint of gothic mystery. The usual clean, vibrant, and luxurious look has transitioned to the darker side this fall season.

Casual Wear
The sweater hooded jacket in charcoal tweed paired with leggings and knee high boots was my favorite outfit for the fall season. The look is classically casual with a hint of sex appeal.

Downtown Glam
Black on black – cowl neck hooded sweater with sheer arms paired with flower appliqué skinny pants are a true reflection of the cooler fall months, which was also a show favorite.

Understated Elegance
For an elegant contemporary look, Wenlan’s black strapless mini dress is also a season staple as its versatility adds variety to any women’s wardrobe. She chose to pair it with a large gold necklace adorned with colored beads. This sexy style is a holiday season must have.

Overall, Wenlan’s collection was simplistic but original, gothic but sexy, with a modernly hip edge.
Large chunky tops paired with skinny fit pants and leggings are what marked this collection and made it one of my favorites for the season. There are two words to sum up Wenlan’s fall/winter 2010 collection – effortlessly chic.

Many of Twinkle by Wenlan’s pieces are available at:


(Photos: Getty Images 2/13/10)