I have been using bronzer as my primary cheek color for um, well, ah, ok, it’s been like 15 years. Finally, it was time for a change and I wanted to have that rosey cheek look without looking like a Ringling Bros. clown. If you’re looking for the perfect “pinky-pink cheek (without being to bubblegum)” you MUST get Cheek Implants. No, it’s not cosmetic surgery, it’s even better and less invasive. Purple Lab’s Cheek Implants in Six Inch Heels is silken cream blush that glides across your skin like ice, and is built with collagen, hyaluronic acid, nylon, and gives you the perfect rosey cheek.


Cheek Implants also comes in Backstage Pass (ripe peach) and retails for $26.00. Shop now for Cool Makeup – Purple Lab NYC.