Now we know even if you don’t get crowned the winner, there is life after the show for the losing contestants on Project Runway. Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault proved that the beginning of New York Fashion Week. As the designer duo, WesFeld, they beat out 160 designers across the country to win $10,000 and showcase their winning looks in New York at Gen Art’s “New Garde” Show sponsored by Plastics Makes it Possible.


The designers were required to create two women’s wear looks made from plastic and plastic-based fabrics for the competition. Inspired from earth’s natural beauty, they transformed their visions into two incredibly beautiful evening gowns that had an overwhelming positive response and ultimately shined above the rest.


WesFeld delivered a romantic, opaque collection around their winning designs that had texture and structure delicately mixed with edgy elegance. Seashells and fossilized sea horses came to life in forms of poly-organza and poly-taffeta mixed with detailing like plastic boning and molded plexi-glass. Playful names like the “conch” dress and “snail” dress hit the mark when describing their creations for the collection. The clothes had great editorial appeal and were steered to a client that wants to stand out and take a risk.

The Gen Art show also featured collections from designers Gar-De, Sophomore & Nomia.



In the middle of a major blizzard Molly Sims hosted the Gen Art show in Manhattan and plenty of fashionistas came out in the brutal elements to see the show. Familiar faces from Project Runway like Stella Zotis, Kenley Collins, came to support the duo as well as other fashion celebs like CariDee English, winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 7.

Photo credits: Melissa Preston