Our favorite fashion frenzy is back! Project Runway has returned home to the Big Apple and kicked off Season 7 on Lifetime. Heidi Klum, now with baby #4, continues to rock the runway. The new diverse groups of competitive and skilled designers have brought their fashion talents and elements of major drama!!! Of course, we are all ready for those fabulous designs that are innovative and new, but let’s be honest we like watching the fierce competition that separates the wolves from the sheep. Let’s just admit that we secretly love to see the guys and gals get to their breaking points, sorry designers!


Christiane, Pamela and the emotional Ping have already been axed from the group; but we can see there is still plenty of trouble brewing in the workroom and on the runway. The first challenge was to personify the overall vision and talent of each individual and the capabilities to take their skills to the next round. Oddly enough, seeing Christiane’s runway look had a familiar identity to the dress Qristyl designed on Season 6, which we all remember the judges hated and obviously are still keeping strong to their guns.

On the second episode “Fashion Farm”, designers had to harvest creations from potato sacks aka burlap. For this challenge the “Models of the Runway” were their chosen clients and had lots of input on their style and vision for the final product. Model Elizaveta’s face said it all, with the embarrassment of her entire butt hanging out on the runway from Ping’s country fair nightmare. Ping seemed to be lost in translation when it came to understanding the challenge and what the judges were seeking from the garment. Pamela’s design was also lacking the wow factor, though she did transform the burlap into looking like denim, it wasn’t enough to hide the all the flaws on her poorly fitted dress.

Museum worthy gowns from classic designers, such as Dior and Yves Saint Laurent were the staple of last week’s challenge, designers studied the masters craftsmanship and were told to turn their inspiration into a high end luxury garment. Team leaders were assigned and collaborations were born. The designers were thrown a curve ball when half way through the challenge they were told to create a second design, a ‘look for less’ on a $50 budget. The second look had to be inspired from one of the other teams high end designs. While Ping drove Jesse insane with her “less by the book” design technique, Anthony and Seth also had trouble agreeing on a solid design. At one point their dress was having a Mickey D’s moment in the workroom. In the end, Mila won for her dominant perfection of separates and Ping was ponged for lack of strength in her team leadership.

We have seen some fresh and new ideas so far from the designers and will have to keep their fashion thinking caps on in order to become one step closer to being the winner of Project Runway. Let’s not forget the Accessory Wall is also back and stocked with fierce “must have” pieces, providing the essentials to finalize the designers look. Check out this behind-the-scenes video of the Season 7 designers snatching and matching accessories from the Accessory Wall as they try to “make it work” for the runway!