Could it be? Could it really be that designers may actually migrate out of the mile high club for shoes and actually promote comfortable footwear for women? I wouldn’t count on a mass exodus from sky high heels, but the 925 collection from Kenneth Cole, is on the forefront of the “movement to support movement“. The 411 from Kenneth Cole:

Over the last 4 years, we’ve been trying to answer this question: WHY CAN’T A FASHION SHOE FEEL AS GOOD AS IT LOOKS?  We’re pleased to announce that we’ve solved that long-standing problem with our exclusive 925 TECHNOLOGY…..

This means that women will no longer need two different pairs of shoes to address the need for comfortable “wear to commute” styles in addition to “wear at the office” heels. Plus, women can wear them from day into night, without needing that “shoe stash” at work. It’s truly our movement to support movement and, in turn, our effort to save the soles of shoe lovers across the world.

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If you’re looking for an extra stylish morning, go check out the 925 Collection and meet Kenneth Cole in person!

WHERE: Rockefeller Center Store, NYC
WHEN: Friday, August 7th from 9-10 a.m.

Kenneth Cole925 Launch Event

Well I must admit, I’m not totally giving up my platform heel fetish anytime soon, but I will make sure my shoe repertoire has a balance of flats, low and high heel options…as well as keeping a pair flip-flops/flats in my bag when the dogs start barking! 😉

So Fashionistas, support the rebel heel movement – grab some java and have a fashionable morning with Kenneth Cole on Aug. 7th.