Having beauty and brains doesn’t make any of us exempt from having our fashion faux pas from time to time. This includes First Lady, Michelle Obama. On a recent trip to London, the first lady had one of those moments:

Michelle Obama in London


Here on Stylemom, I don’t believe in condemning or bashing peoples fashion choices without offering alternative viewpoints in outfit choices. As I am a firm advocate of constructive criticism and teaching my children and others to be solution oriented, I have my own solution for what Michelle Obama should have worn during her London trip. I have even taken into account the look she was trying to go for but missed the mark on:

1st Lady's London Outfit Revised

This outfit selection has the punch of color in top options, the belted waist, cozy flats, and a more stylish version (in my opinion) of Michelle’s yellow cardigan. Given the range, depth and wonderful classic and stylish selection that Tory Burch has to offer, I’m suprised we don’t see the first lady wearing more looks from this designer. But hey, like I said, we all have had our fashion faux pas……