While I was sourcing topics for my 100th post (yayee! applause! pageant wave! 😉 ), it became a “no-brainer” when the Maxim’s Hot 100 list for 2009 came out earlier this month. So I decided to find out which of the lovely ladies on the Hot 100 were actually hot moms (with the help of my intern of course).

I assumed there would be around 12-15 hot moms that made the list, but to my disappointment there were only 8 out of 100. Now, you would think with ALL of the beautiful celebrity moms on the scene right now, there would have been at least a few more than 8!! I know some of these women have made it onto past Hot 100 lists, but what about Jennifer Gardner, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Chyler Leigh, Rebecca Romijn, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Ripa, Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova, Nicole Kidman and Giselle Bundchen??? C’mon Maxim! They’re still some of the hottest women around!! And, did they not see the sm-sm-smoking hot Cindy Crawford in French Vogue this past November?


Okay, enough with my “mom-power” rant….

Stylemoms, fashionistas, and friends….without further adieu, I give you the 6 sizzling sexy moms that made the cut according to Maxim:

13. Jessica Alba


14. Christina Aguilera


17. Britney Spears


22. Kate Beckinsale


26. Angelina Jolie


62. Heidi Klum


63. Milla Jovovich


93. Michelle Obama


Now I admire and really dig our First Lady, but does this smell like more of a PR ploy to ride the political celebrity wave to get more coverage or is it just me? She’s hot as first ladies go, yes, but is she REALLY hotter than most of the aforementioned mommies that were snubbed from the list? Really? Let’s be real folks, the people on this list did not make it for their charitable contributions and good deeds. Even though that would be a good criteria for Maxim to consider in the future….yeah, right, I highly doubt it.

I also scoured the Maxim Hot 100 party pics and videos and did not see any of the hot moms in attendance or on the red carpet. (If you have a confirmed appearance by one of the hot moms at the party, let me know. I have found none.) Most likely, these women were all busy actually working and/or taking care of their families because after all, they are moms. However, I did find an interesting video from the party. In the video of interviews, some of the “straight” ladies who attended were asked the following question: “If you HAD to date a woman, who would it be?” Why is this interesting you say? Because as you can probably guess, the most popular answer was of course…one of the 8 hot moms on the list 😉 :

I wouldn’t have chosen Angelina, she’s a Cancer and I’m a Leo, and those personality traits are not that compatible (and no, I’m not some die-hard astrology freak either). I would probably piss her off because I’m older than her and would command to be the boss in the relationship and so would she. Maybe someone like Kelly Ripa or Rachel Ray…it would definitely have to be a woman who could share the cooking! lol!!!

Hmmm…who would you pick? Leave a comment, and please let me know if there is another “hot mom” i did not mention that you feel should have made the list.

See the entire 2009 Maxim Hot 100 list, party pics, and videos at Maxim.com