Quickie Workout: Office Stairwell Climb

by Contributing Editor Josie Maurer

Sometimes my intentions for an awesome workout sucks wind when my kids start whining and harassing me. Then I get to the office and intend for a lunchtime fitness extravaganza, but I get lazy busy and can’t get out.

But I’ve just solved my problem and you can too! If you suck wind, are harassed, or just plain ‘ole lazy, you can still get fit.

Office Stairwell Climb

Every hour, climb your office building’s stairwell one time (but please don’t trip up the steps). You’ll be huffing and puffing for fat burning cardio, and shaping your legs (quads, hamstring, calves) and booty muscles.

My office has 4 flights of stairs for a total of 59 stairs. If I climb them once, say, every 7 hours, I’ll have climbed 28 flights for a total of 413 stairs. Give yourself a rest day in between Stairwell Workouts and expect to deal with a bit of DOMS, but don’t whine about it. Be tough!

(Photo credit: Peter Galbraith)


074Josie is currently studying for her ACE personal trainer certification which is a plateful when you add a husband, full time job, a blog, and four children into the mix (a 4 month-old daughter, 4 yr. old son, 13 yr.-old son, and 16 yr. old daughter). Whew!

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