I am grateful as the next mother to get the hand drawn cards or hand-made gifts our wonderful offspring create in school. However…..if Mother’s Day was like Christmas, and I got to make a list (economical of course), it would go a little something like this:

Chic Buds: Swarofski Crystal bling, super cute and can support a good cause with your chosen design! Hmmmm, and maybe a  matching blinged out Ipod sleeves to match the ChicBuds…hmmm



A day at the Spa, or a gift basket full of Natural Spa products like Vital Earth Traditions. I just want someone to give me a back and foot massage with the Vital Earth Bitch Balance Butter and feed me grapes, is that too much to ask? lol 😉


A set of Banglez so I can stay in shape and be stylish at the same time 😉




If You Give a Mom a Martini – a witty, light read book to remind me to make time for myself


And if this wish list doesn’t help you or your family member looking for a mother’s day gift, or if your hubby and/or significant other can’t pick a gift to save their life, send them over to the Gift Girl. The Gift Girl takes the pressure off from finding that perfect gift and ensures that it will be stylish!