Well I have to say, other than the Heart Truth Red Campaign during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, which used celebrity models of different sizes and ages (so um hmmm not so sure that counts since they’re celebs), I haven’t heard of many designers, if any, using non-traditional runway models (i.e. everday REAL women with hips and booties. 😉 )

During LG Fashion Week in Toronto, Vancouver designer Cheri Milaney used women size 4-14 to show off her Fall 2009 Moda collection on the runway to all the press and buyers. Totally smart, and in this economy, it’s basic common sense to acknowledge that the majority of women in the world are not a size 0-2.The typical runway model status quo has caused a disconnect for everyday women. It makes it difficult to translate runway fashion into a tangible style or look that we can actually obtain. Never fear ladies! Stylemom is here to do it for you!!!

Be sure to bookmark Cheri Milany’s website as she has some fantabulous looks for fall – especially her quilted crinkle jackets.


Watch the runway show here (Filmed by: levelrunnerfilms.com):

Cheri Milaney Fall Collection from Level Runner Films on Vimeo

And you absolutely MUST check out super stylemom Erica Ehm, founder of Yummy Mummy Club, for behind the scenes scoop and her fantastic interview with designer Cheri Milany about this ground-breaking moment in runway history – check out the episode on Yummy Mummy TV: